Monthly Archives: August 2009

Agism in Advertising

I’ve been thinking a lot about age lately. Advertising is a very youth oriented industry. Walking the halls of agencies, it’s immediately apparent how young the personnel are. That perception is reinforced when reading blog posts and commentary from older advertising veterans angry about being unable to find employment. According to the US Census Bureau, […]

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A little Sales semantics

In the business 2.0 world we have recognized that keys to success include words like trust, value, engagement and integrity. We have learned that the old “push” model is not effective in today’s world of the empowered customer.  Yet language artifacts of outdated business models persist.  As a business development professional the single word I […]

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What do you think of those Palm Pre ads?

Well those wierd ads have sure been generating a lot of negative buzz – about the ads, or the spokesperson, not about the smartphones. Is that criticism necessarily bad? When I read viewer reactions, and especially industry reviews, it seems that perhaps reviewers are looking at the ads too narrowly. See the “Flow” ad here […]

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