Loyalty and Luxury

A few days ago a friend and marketing guru tweeted a question about whether luxury brands should employ loyalty programs. I think it’s a great question well worth considering. Luxury brands are certainly challenged in this economy, but deciding if, or how to design a loyalty program is a question of weighing short-term revenue needs […]

Pixelslave’s design inspiration

Pixelslave recently won an award for design from thecssawards.com. We were particularly happy with this recognition because of the pride we take in utilizing semantic markup, or in other words, truly having the CSS describe the design. We had a number of complimentary comments both on the award site and across social media. One commenter […]

How Analytics has Affected Creativity in Advertising

Is it possible that Google Analytics and other enterprise analytics platforms influence in the interactive space is so profound that it has forever changed the face of traditional, offline advertising? Let’s be clear about one thing.  Metrics and measurement are not new concepts.  Direct Response advertisers have been relying on such data to optimize campaigns […]

Agism in Advertising

I’ve been thinking a lot about age lately. Advertising is a very youth oriented industry. Walking the halls of agencies, it’s immediately apparent how young the personnel are. That perception is reinforced when reading blog posts and commentary from older advertising veterans angry about being unable to find employment. According to the US Census Bureau, […]

A little Sales semantics

In the business 2.0 world we have recognized that keys to success include words like trust, value, engagement and integrity. We have learned that the old “push” model is not effective in today’s world of the empowered customer.  Yet language artifacts of outdated business models persist.  As a business development professional the single word I […]

What do you think of those Palm Pre ads?

Well those wierd ads have sure been generating a lot of negative buzz – about the ads, or the spokesperson, not about the smartphones. Is that criticism necessarily bad? When I read viewer reactions, and especially industry reviews, it seems that perhaps reviewers are looking at the ads too narrowly. See the “Flow” ad here […]

Creativity in a Commercial Context

From a creative standpoint, one of the most exciting evolutions we’ve seen over the past 15 or 20 years is the blurring of the line between commercial art and fine art.  We see artists from the fine art world being tapped for commercial projects, and we see commercial superstars hanging work in galleries and museums.  […]

a Social Media ramble

Have you noticed how many social media experts have popped out of the woodwork? How did that happen?  I mean social media’s only really taken off in the last ten minutes. Ok, maybe more than a few minutes, but not much more.  Every marketing event I’ve been to this year is chock full of experts […]