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Building Brand on the Web

In my previous post I discussed brand building strategies at the point of sale for retail businesses. In this post I’d like to expand upon a few passing references to online strategies. There are many opportunities to provide a differentiated brand experience on the the web, but there may be trade-offs to evaluate and understand […]

The Creative Process

The creative process is a strange animal indeed. After spending most of my adult life involved in creative services I can’t claim to understand how we access our creativity in a reliable and repeatable way. Even after so many successful instances, the blank page of a new project provides a combination of excitement about the […]

They Don’t Trust Us

I recently picked up a paperback and the blurb on the back began with “The murder of a successful advertising executive…” I’m, of course, thinking who would want to kill a successful advertising exec? When I think about it though, perhaps consumers have us on their termination lists. They still do not trust us. The […]

Design & Technology

I began my career in advertising as a photographer in the pre-digital age. During shoots at my studio it was not unusual for the agency creative team to spend the long periods when they weren’t needed on set brainstorming campaign or ad concepts. Most typically this would be an art director/designer and a copywriter kicking […]

Opt-In Advertising

I was driving down the turnpike on my way to the office.  Looking at all the bumper stickers, decals, vanity license plates and assorted other messaging people put on their cars got me thinking about the ongoing discussion about privacy as relates to using personal information to serve relevant advertising. People seem quite willing to […]

How Analytics has Affected Creativity in Advertising

Is it possible that Google Analytics and other enterprise analytics platforms influence in the interactive space is so profound that it has forever changed the face of traditional, offline advertising? Let’s be clear about one thing.  Metrics and measurement are not new concepts.  Direct Response advertisers have been relying on such data to optimize campaigns […]

Agism in Advertising

I’ve been thinking a lot about age lately. Advertising is a very youth oriented industry. Walking the halls of agencies, it’s immediately apparent how young the personnel are. That perception is reinforced when reading blog posts and commentary from older advertising veterans angry about being unable to find employment. According to the US Census Bureau, […]