The Myth Of Category Specialization

Pixelslave, is a generalist agency. We provide branding and marketing services to B2B and B2C clients across many categories. Few things grind my gears as much as RFPs requiring or strongly favoring deep category experience or category specialization. Why? With few exceptions, your category is not as unique as you think it is.

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Brand Experience on the Web

Technological change has always rewritten the rules whether we’re talking about warfare, industry or how we live our daily lives. Technology has taken us to a place in which an increasing percentage of our daily experience is in the virtual realm. The result of people being more wired is that there is no longer meaningful […]

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Building Brand on the Web

In my previous post I discussed brand building strategies at the point of sale for retail businesses. In this post I’d like to expand upon a few passing references to online strategies. There are many opportunities to provide a differentiated brand experience on the the web, but there may be trade-offs to evaluate and understand […]

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The Creative Process

The creative process is a strange animal indeed. After spending most of my adult life involved in creative services I can’t claim to understand how we access our creativity in a reliable and repeatable way. Even after so many successful instances, the blank page of a new project provides a combination of excitement about the […]

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They Don’t Trust Us

I recently picked up a paperback and the blurb on the back began with “The murder of a successful advertising executive…” I’m, of course, thinking who would want to kill a successful advertising exec? When I think about it though, perhaps consumers have us on their termination lists. They still do not trust us. The […]

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Design & Technology

I began my career in advertising as a photographer in the pre-digital age. During shoots at my studio it was not unusual for the agency creative team to spend the long periods when they weren’t needed on set brainstorming campaign or ad concepts. Most typically this would be an art director/designer and a copywriter kicking […]

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How Analytics has Affected Creativity in Advertising

Is it possible that Google Analytics and other enterprise analytics platforms influence in the interactive space is so profound that it has forever changed the face of traditional, offline advertising? Let’s be clear about one thing.  Metrics and measurement are not new concepts.  Direct Response advertisers have been relying on such data to optimize campaigns […]

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What do you think of those Palm Pre ads?

Well those wierd ads have sure been generating a lot of negative buzz – about the ads, or the spokesperson, not about the smartphones. Is that criticism necessarily bad? When I read viewer reactions, and especially industry reviews, it seems that perhaps reviewers are looking at the ads too narrowly. See the “Flow” ad here […]

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Creativity in a Commercial Context

From a creative standpoint, one of the most exciting evolutions we’ve seen over the past 15 or 20 years is the blurring of the line between commercial art and fine art.  We see artists from the fine art world being tapped for commercial projects, and we see commercial superstars hanging work in galleries and museums.  […]

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