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When Advertising Becomes Badvertising

In the digital world, run a banner campaign and achieve a 1 1/2% conversion rate and you’re a hero. As a branding guy, I worry about the other 98 1/2% of our target audience. In this age of consumer-driven relationship we must be thoughtful and strategic as to how we meet branding and marketing goals.

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Creating Social Icons from Glyphs

Even though using font glyphs for social icons allows only one color, complex color can be added with background gradients in a CSS-styled structure around the glyph.

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Give Me… Deep Sea Horror Movies

jQuery has robust string functions. During the course of a personal hack I explored the different ways to break a string in two and use each piece separately.

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Responsive grid that enlarges images

Responsive Zoom Grid

I recently had a website design to implement that had a grid of images on the homepage. Normally I’d use something like Masonry for that, but in this instance I needed a custom solution. The grids were based on 356px squares. Some images were square, some were rectangular, taking up two squares horizontally, and one was […]

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The Myth Of Category Specialization

Pixelslave, is a generalist agency. We provide branding and marketing services to B2B and B2C clients across many categories. Few things grind my gears as much as RFPs requiring or strongly favoring deep category experience or category specialization. Why? With few exceptions, your category is not as unique as you think it is.

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Bottles in a row

Randomizing and Listing Data

Usually I write scripts that are meant to run all the time on a website. But sometimes I just want to do something only once, and not necessarily for the web. jQuery is still a good tool for doing work off-web!

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Scaling Text

One of the challenges posed in modern web development is dynamic text sizing. Images can be set to “auto” or “100%”, but text doesn’t work that way. It is sized relative to its base size rather than its container. How can it be scaled?

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Making a Custom Icon Font for Your Website

Reducing server calls for image resources will speed up your page load and enhance performance. A great way to do this is to replace sprited icons with mobile-friendly custom fonts.

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GitHub Octocat Ninja

10 CSS Pro Tips

There are lots of resources for cool CSS implementations, like animating elements and applying complex effects, but often it’s the little things that are the most useful. Those aren’t flashy enough to get mentioned in books and articles. They are the finesse techniques that experienced developers use to make their work more elegant and their workdays shorter. Here […]

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Mobile toolbox

Mobile Toolkit: Off-canvas Sliders

On a mobile website I recently built I had two sliders. The first was the main navigation menu, and the second was a product filter. They used similar CSS techniques and had to be coordinated with each other, as they both occupied the same off-canvas area to the left of the visible content. The Off-canvas […]

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