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Brand Experience on the Web

Technological change has always rewritten the rules whether we’re talking about warfare, industry or how we live our daily lives. Technology has taken us to a place in which an increasing percentage of our daily experience is in the virtual realm. The result of people being more wired is that there is no longer meaningful […]

They Don’t Trust Us

I recently picked up a paperback and the blurb on the back began with “The murder of a successful advertising executive…” I’m, of course, thinking who would want to kill a successful advertising exec? When I think about it though, perhaps consumers have us on their termination lists. They still do not trust us. The […]

Opt-In Advertising

I was driving down the turnpike on my way to the office.  Looking at all the bumper stickers, decals, vanity license plates and assorted other messaging people put on their cars got me thinking about the ongoing discussion about privacy as relates to using personal information to serve relevant advertising. People seem quite willing to […]

a Social Media ramble

Have you noticed how many social media experts have popped out of the woodwork? How did that happen?  I mean social media’s only really taken off in the last ten minutes. Ok, maybe more than a few minutes, but not much more.  Every marketing event I’ve been to this year is chock full of experts […]