The interactive technologies turned an urban landmark into an interactive boardgame. The viral campaign brought enthusiastic participants together for a special event in Central Park on Arbor Day, 2010. Using their smartphones visitors could bridge the real and virtual worlds in an immersive experience. They could choose to learn park history or engage in special opportunities to walk the park mall with Carrie Bradshaw, or take a bike-riding lesson from Dustin Hoffman. And finally, they could watch a concert at the seemingly empty Central Park band shell.

The World Park, Mobile App, Websites, Campaign & Social Media

The World Park was a unique project that re-engaged a younger, more wired generation of park visitors. The creators of the concept, Agency Magma, who was working with New York’s Central Park, came to Pixelslave to make the vision come to life on the web, and on mobile devices. Spectacular results highlighted the power of strategic alliances.