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Get Real - Campaign for AloDrink

GET REAL Tasty Branding from Pixelslave a branding and advertising agency delivering appetizing results for 12 years

Pixelslave has a specialty in food and beverage brands, particularly in the better-for-you, healthier alternatives category. And yet, Pixelslave is a generalist agency working across many categories in B2C and B2B. Insights gleaned from disparate categories drives differentiating positioning. We have learned that to think out of the box, you’ve got to be out of the box.

On this page we’ll show you some food and beverage work. You’ll see that we have a healthy understanding of the CPG space, its distribution channels and consumer messaging. Scroll down for a little food for thought.

Yummy Ideas memorable impressions

Man listening to AloTones

Creating Flavorful Music

ALOtones® is a unique concept in which we created music for each of the original flavors of ALO Drink.

The music can be downloaded from the website, or via the QR code on each bottle.

Naturally, we designed the bottles, designed the website and built the website with full e-commerce functionality.

stylized musical score
Andy Allo Exposed Bottle

+ Brand Ambassador

Singer, songwriter, musician, actress Andy Allo became a celebrity brand advocate and took part in the ALOtones program. And we made a special edition bottle.

Andy Allo with AloTones and ALoDrink
All the Alo Drink bottles
Seaweed and Sticky Rice Chips bags, back and front

Launching a New Brand

We were the launch agency and Agency of Record for Woodridge Snacks.

The launch plan included brand positioning and messaging strategies, bag designs with variations by channel, website, trade show booth, collateral, advertising campaign and much more.

We engaged our Public Relations partner agency, guiding an influener campaign, social media, and consumer and trade earned media.

The launch was planned for April 1 2020. Woops! When we started the work almost a year before we didn’t plan on a global pandemic perfectly coinciding. Yikes! Besides the supply chain and shipping issues, people were not in the stores impulse buying. Ask us what we did.

Woodridge Snacks Website Banner
Instagram images from Woodridge Snacks
Lots of Woodridge Snacks in pallets and boxes

Launching a New Sub-Brand

Our ALO Drink client came to Pixelslave to help launch their new sub-brand. These water beverages featured collagen, aloe vera and natural flavors. They were the first and only collagen + aloe vera beverages. We connected the product to beauty with the tagline

Have a beautiful life.

Jen Bottles
Jen Bottles and female figure
Alo Zero Bottles

Rebranding a New Formulation

When ALO Drink reformulated their Certified Organic aloe vera drink to become 0 calories, we redesigned the label to feature that desirable change with a cool modern look.

Adding Tea Drinks to an Existing Line

We had to clearly communicate that this is a tea drink, but still have it be connected to their product lines while we created a usable signature for future ALO Tea drinks.

The Untypical Snack