ALO Drink

Content Marketing, Branding, Advertising

Aloe vera has strong association with health and wellness. Rather than compete with the hundreds of other beverages making those claims, we let the aloe vera health benefits speak for themselves while we emphasized better flavor and lifestyle inspiration as our differentiators. Our campaign was Inspire Your Body.

Our video campaign featured dancers around the world dancing to ALO® Drink. This is an evergreen concept that can continually evolve. ALOtones® is a unique concept that puts music in every bottle. That creates 360º refreshment: flavor + positivity + a musical ingredient. This allows ALO® Drink to stand alone as a beverage providing nourishment for mind, body and soul (the musical ingredient). Website Screenshot
ALO Organic ALO Drink ALO Twist Strawberry and Lime flavor

We also provided the more typical services for a CPG product line, including new product package design, B2B communications, B2C product-focused ads, POS materials, etc. Across all communications we connected the product to inspiration while communicating other benefits appropriate to the audience.The products shown here are new products, each in a different product line.