Timeshare Resorts

Off-Site Sales Center, Digital POS

This timeshare company develops properties and sells vacation ownership. Sales centers on-site at their properties historically performed well. Off-site sales centers underperformed. Our partner agency, Brand Tango, concepted and designed a modern, interactive experience meant to bring the vacation ownership experience to life without physically being at a property. Brand Tango asked us to produce the digital and video experiences.

Timeshare Resorts, Off-Site Sales Center - Digital POS

We created a 20 minute animated video loop for the reception area, 2 interactive 12 foot wide touch displays, an interactive touch map that is projected on glass and a scenery video to simulate the possible views from your porch in the model unit. It was all tied together by environmental graphics throughout the walking tour.

In the sample model unit’s porch, we installed a 90” monitor playing a video loop of nature views that an owner might see from her porch. In the reception area we concerted and produced a 20 minute video loop by animating about 100 still photographs, inserting some video clips and adding motion graphics.

All areas had environmental graphics to unify the walking tour and deliver brand messaging.

Timeshare Resorts, Off-Site Sales Center - Digital POS