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GET REAL Tasty Branding from Pixelslave a branding and advertising agency delivering appetizing results for 12 years Pixelslave has a specialty in food and beverage brands, particularly in the better-for-you, healthier alternatives category. And yet, Pixelslave is a generalist agency working across many categories in B2C and B2B. Insights gleaned from disparate categories drives differentiating […] SnacksWoodridge Snacks

Branding, Advertising, Website Development, Package Design Vitamin AdvisorWeil Vitamin Advisor

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The Weil Vitamin Advisor had a few challenges to maintaining healthy growth (no pun intended). First, they needed to attract younger customers as their aging base could not be relied upon for continued growth. Second, their celebrity founder, Andrew Weil was well into his 70s. The brand needed to be protected from any possible health […] DrinkALO Drink

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Aloe vera has strong association with health and wellness. Rather than compete with the hundreds of other beverages making those claims, we let the aloe vera health benefits speak for themselves while we emphasized better flavor and lifestyle inspiration as our differentiators. Our campaign was Inspire Your Body. Our video campaign featured dancers around the […] & BeingWell & Being

Brand Launch

Graphic/Communication, Web, Branding

For this brand launch, the brand concept was already defined – an enhanced, luxury spa experience that fully integrated holistic wellness into the offerings. We refined the concept and created identity, look and feel and communication strategies. We named them Well & Being which allowed us a clever way to build wellbeing into the brand […] SafetyScott Safety

Product Launch, Campaign, Websites, Video

Scott Safety is a global category leader in Fire Safety products. They developed a new, disruptive product for the petrochemical, oil and gas industry, in which they do not have the same reputation to leverage. They came to Pixelslave to develop a 360º launch and pre-launch campaign that would raise awareness and generate leads while […] ResortsTimeshare Resorts

Digital POS Touch Screen Application

Digital Strategy, Innovation, User Experience

This timeshare company develops properties and sells vacation ownership. Sales centers on-site at their properties historically performed well. Off-site sales centers underperformed. Our partner agency, Brand Tango, conceptualized and designed a modern, interactive experience meant to bring the vacation ownership experience to life without physically being at a property. Brand Tango asked us to produce […] Pre✓TSA Pre✓

Graphic/Communication, Design Strategy, Advertising

Avoidance. That’s why people sign up for TSA Pre✓. They simply want to avoid the hassle of going through the regular security line with all of its small indignities – taking your shoes off to walk barefoot or in socks or stockings on an airport floor; taking liquids and electronics out of your carry on; […]

Tyco Gas & Flame Detection - Brand Launch

Design Strategy, Motion/Video, Advertising

Tyco acquired four companies to add to an existing sub-brand, Scott Safety, to create a new sub-brand called Tyco Gas & Flame Detection. We were the launch agency charged with introducing the new company, which had a combined hundreds of years experience, to the legacy companies first, then to the world. Internal Launch Day included […]